Live Near the Lake

Find your new home, steps from Lake Michigan. In the vibrant neighborhood of Lakeview you’ll discover that you won’t have to venture outside of this community if you don’t want to. Whether you’re running out for groceries or meeting up with friend, everything can be done steps from your apartment. And if you decide to explore other areas of the city or commute downtown, you are perfectly situated to get wherever you need to go, and without hassle. 


Get Active

Being close to the lake has more benefits than just the beach. Take advantage of the lakeshore trail, which has countless runners, walkers, rollerbladers, and bikers in the warmer months. And when its cold, you are in the prime location for gyms and workout facilities.

Social Life

There is always something to do in the city of Chicago. And lucky for you, there is always something to do in Lakeview. If your friends are planning a night out, chances are it's right in your neighborhood. Save on Uber and walk down the street instead. Maybe your place will become the go-to destination for drinks before the bar. 

A Vibrant Community

Lakeview is a diverse community of young people, families, professionals, and people of all backgrounds. You can experience the community in your every day life, or by heading to one of the many summer festivals hosted in your new neighborhood. 

Late Night Haven

After a long night out, right near home you can take advantage of the famous Melrose Restaurant. A 24 hour–7 days a week–365 days a year diner that is second to none for grabbing late night bites in Lakeview. Not only that, but in the wee hours of the morning, it boasts some of the best people-watching in Chicago.